About coach ray

I'm from Florida, I'm happily married and have two beautiful daughters. I was in the Navy active duty and reserves combined 14 years and retired 21 years Law Enforcement. In the past 25 years I received certifications in the following areas; Corrections, Law Enforcement, Human Diversity, Crises Intervention, Hostage Negotiator, Autism Awareness and other Criminal Investigations classes at the Southwest Florida Criminal Justice Academy, Business Management,  Criminal Justice and Social Psychology by the Stratford Career Institute, NLP Master Practitioner and Master Life Coach by American Union of NLP, Advanced Ericksonian Hypnotist by American Alliance of Hypnotists, CBT Practitioner by the Academy of Modern and Applied Psychology, EFT and TFT Master Practitioner by The Priority Academy.  


Dont let your past determine your future

The best way to predict the future is to create it.