Persuasion techniques seminar

I do a seminar for persuasion techniques, which is something that everyone should learn, especially when entering the workforce, you would be able to sell yourself to any perspective employer during job interviews. This is a great class for anyone that wants to express themselves easily and get your point across and it's great for managers, car salesman, real estate sales, graduating high school seniors or anyone just looking to get ahead in life.  It can even help improve dating. Just imagine being able to express yourself with ease and conveying your ideas in a way that people will understand. I will teach you how to embed hidden commands in a letter, email or even a text message. You will learn how to have a better rapport with other people and with the proper hand placement and key words or phrases you will have people believe that you are honest, trustworthy, and dependable. I will teach you how to look at a persons eyes and tell if they are telling the truth or lying, if they are considering your ideas or offers, and if they are responding to you with their emotions (this is taught to law enforcement). Proper seating placement when meeting new people will make them feel more comfortable with you. How to use someone's emotions to persuade or influence them. When you can evoke a persons emotions of triumph or tragedy, you will have a strong control over the person. I can teach you how to determine a person's personal trance words. These are words that are unique to each person,  when you discover these words, you will be able to easily influence them. You will be amazed at the quality of information you will learn from this seminar. Call and ask about the rates. 239-478-1933

Visit my YouTube video for a better explanation.

If you take both my goal achievement and persuasion seminars you would be virtually unstoppable in achieving your goals and in improving your life for the better.